We are outdoor enthusiast! We love to be out in either our Rock Crawler's, SxS's or Boat's! We are firm believers in Tread Lightly and alway do our part to pack out what we pack in as well as what we find along the way. Over the years we have seen our lands and waterways littered with debris that was carelessly left behind. We decided to make a difference and make an easier way to contain the trash as well as our gear, so in 2019 SAK-IT was born. We have found that if the trash is contained in a manner such as using our Scrap SAK, individuals are more likely to pick up and pack out what was left behind by others. Our Gear SAK's work the same way to contain smaller amounts of trash or a safe place to keep your gear. The design is very universal so it will fit a variety of applications by simply attaching with the include Bungee Balls. 

Our goal is for our products to help keep our lands and waterways clean! We pride ourselves on a quality product at a great price.

Pack it in...SAK-IT out!!