Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions and answers. If the questions you have is not listed below please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you.


Q- Will this product fit my application?
A- The Scrap SAK & Gear SAK are universal to fit most any application. 


Q- Are these heat resistant?
A- They do have a high heat tolerance of up to 180*F. We do recommend to avoid direct contact with exhaust, engine components, or any other parts that may exceed the heat rating.  


Q- What colors do we offer?
A- We currently offer these in Black, Blue, Red, Orange, Lime Green, Pink, & Purple. We do plan to release more colors at a later date.


Q- Where should I mount the Scrap SAK or Gear SAK?
A- We leave the mounting location up to the user as every application varies.
Each SAK comes with 2 ball bungees so that you can easily make it fit various locations.


Q- How do you clean them?
A- They can be hosed off or pressure washed with regular soap. No need for special cleaners. 


Q- What material are the Scrap SAK & Gear SAK made of?
A- They are made of a high grade Vinyl Mesh that is UV resistant and mildew resistant. Leaving them out in the elements will not hurt them.


Q- Can the Gear SAK be used for trash?
A- Yes, the Gear SAK is still large enough to hold trash and can fit in tighter spaces if desired.